Preparing for a loving Marriage

Gain tools to support a loving and Christ centered Marriage.



Congratulations, now come on retreat!


Entering in the sacrament of Matrimony

Cana Engagement is designed to help engaged couples to achieve a strong Christian marriage by understanding the Sacrament of Matrimony, its covenantal nature, and recognizing that marriage is a lifelong commitment requiring serious preparation.


Not Group Therapy

Real & Engaging Exercises

What to Expect

Beginning Saturday morning, you and your fiance will be in a room with other retreat couples where you will be taken through a variety of activities from engaging lectures on various aspects of Catholic teaching on marriage and relationships, personal reflections, written exercises, and demonstrations. Afterwards, you and your fiance will have the opportunity to practice what you have just learned with each other in a private conversation discussing important topics that will prepare you for a healthy, happy, holy marriage. 

Finding Cana is not group therapy and your privacy will be respected. When done, the group reassembles, with the chance to comment upon their shared experience. After the group sharing, the next topic will be presented.  Learning a new concept, practicing it with your spouse, and gaining insight from your fellow retreatants is the format of the weekend.  While couples are free to share and ask questions, no one is obligated to self-disclose, if they prefer otherwise.  The couples retreat is in-depth, practical, authentically Catholic and up-lifting.  Finding Cana is a life-long journey towards greater connection, deepening love, and holy faithful marriage. 

What the Weekend Holds for you


& by Sunday

On Saturday,

Engaged couples who are happy, smiling, demonstrating their affection for one another, and feeling hopeful for the coming Covenantal and Sacramental marriage they are seeking. At the close of the retreat, they are open, hopeful, committed, grateful, enlightened, encouraged, and understanding. There are sly smiles, wide grins, happy tears, tender embraces, and hopeful eyes.

On the first morning: a room full of faces – some eager, some solemn, a bit apprehensive from anticipation of the unknown.  You will see those who dragged their fiance and those who are dragged-along because the Church requires you attend marriage preparation; and you will see couples who mutually view the marriage preparation weekend as an exciting step towards a happy, holy married life.

“Authentic married love is caught up into divine love….so that this love may lead the spouses to God…”

Second Vatican Council